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Specific Skills Options

(Please Note: Classes May Be Cancelled or Opened without notice due to enrollment)

Monday Through Thursday Option

 Advanced Skills - Practice all the skills necessary to master for an advanced level English student.  In this class you will devote your time to Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing practice. 

Best of America - Learn about American culture, from New York City history to Film, Television, Sports, and Music.

Practical Business English - Improve your knowledge and vocabulary of "Business English" while enhancing your understanding of American corporate culture.  

Theatre - A special class focused on the actual rehearsal, production, and performance of a play every three or four months.  Work on your pronunciation, learn new vocabulary, and become a star!  

Students who complete a 10 week course of study in Practical Business English will:

  • be familiar with common American Business vocabulary and idioms;
  • have a better understanding of American business practice and its role in the global economy;
  • have an understanding of what it means to work in a multicultural business setting;
  • through role play and team building activities, will be comfortable giving short business presentations on a variety of current topics in today's professional environment; and
  • have a basic understanding of written business communication (email, reports, action plans, agendas, etc.)

When possible, guest speakers from the local business community will be invited to speak to the class from a variety of professional disciplines.

TOEFL - Interested in learning more about the TOEFL exam or practicing your TOEFL skills? Then this is the class for you!

         Lower Level Class Two-Day Options

American Culture - Improve your English skills while expanding your knowledge of American Culture.

Intermediate Reading/Vocabulary - Reading is the fastest and most effective way to learn new words.  Challenge yourself with interesting articles and stories and work to increase your English vocabulary.

Students who complete a 10 week course of study in Intermediate Reading and Vocabulary will:

  • Scan the text first for important details.
  • Look up and discuss new vocabulary.
  • Write down questions or notes you may have about the story.
  • Fiction or Non-Fiction, the similarities or the differences.
  • Read, Read, Read and review to practice new reading skills.

Listening and Conversation - A conversation class for lower level students where you will also work to improve your listening skills. 

Pronunciation - This course is designed to help students with English pronunciation.  Learn techniques to improve your accent and become a more understandable English-speaker. 

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