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If I'm not satisfied with my teachers and courses, what should I do?

Posted by Kaplan Aspect Staff on Tuesday, December 2, 2008 Under: Change Classes

Problems with teachers -

Firstly, if you have a problem with your classes then talk to your teacher.  Teachers often appreciate getting new ideas/ suggestions from students.  If you don’t tell your teacher you have a problem they can’t help you solve the problem.  Teachers are there to help.  Talk to them first.  Second, please go to the academic office and talk to Betsy or Lee.  Explain the problem to them so that they can help you.

Problems with courses –

If you have a problem with your course please come and talk to the front desk.  Explain the problem so that the Student Advisors can decide what the best course for you is or how to help you.  You can always change your course.  Please note that if you change your course there may be a $100 change fee.  Talk to your Student Advisor about this and they will tell you if you have to pay this fee or not.

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