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Where are there good Japanese restaurants?

Posted by Hye Ran Park - Kaplan Aspect on Tuesday, December 2, 2008 Under: NYC Life

According to these are the top ten restaurants in New York:

1.          En Japanese Brasserie

435 Hudson Street at Leroy Street

                        2.         Hakubai

                                    The Kitano New York

                                    66 Park Ave

                        3.         Inagiku

                                    The Waldorf – Astoria

          111 E. 49th Street

                        4.         Izakaya

                                    207 Tenth Ave.

                        5.         Japonais

                                    111 E. 18th Street

                        6.         Megu

          62 Thomas Street

                        7.         Nippon

                                    155 E. 52nd Street

                        8.         Soto

                                    357 Sixth Ave

                        9.         Sugiyama

                                    251 W. 55th Street

                        10.        Sushi-Ann

                                    38 E. 51st St

TIP:  Ask your Japanese friends and classmates what their favorite Japanese restaurants are in New York!  They probably know the best student-friendly places in town!

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